Board of Directors/Mission Statement

ECHM, Inc. DBA/Silas Ministries, is a non-profit para-church organization. “The mission of Silas Ministries is to love and humbly serve the Lord Jesus Christ in obedience and faithfulness. In faith we have the mind of Christ and by His power we can minister to the saints and spread the Gospel through prayer, healing, reconciliation and renewal, all to His glory. See Mark 16:15 and John 15:16-17.”

Pastor Lindley Jacobson is a member of Harvest Network International and serves as President of Silas Ministries. His wife, Muriel, is a member of the board of directors. Additional directors and advisors who govern this ministry are as follows: Patrick Berens, Jim & Diane Braun, Noreen Christon, Jack & Barbara Hagelstein, Lance Jacobson, Mark Jacobson, John Osuch, Richard & Karol Rief, Michael & Barbara Wilson, Dr. Mark & Caren Woodruff and Steven Gunderson, Attorney.